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    07 Nov, 2017|

    The 10 features that classify a car or van as being automated

    The Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, was at the ABI yesterday where he announced 10 criteria set out by insurers to qualify a vehicle as automated:

    1. Naming: clearly describes automated capability
    2. Law abiding: complies with UK traffic laws and the Highway Code
    3. Location specific: functionality is limited to specific types of roads or areas via geo-fencing
    4. Clear handover: transfer of driving control follows a clear ‘offer and confirm’ process
    5. Safe driving: vehicle can manage all reasonably expected situations by itself
    6. Unanticipated handover: adequate and appropriate notice must be given if the vehicle needs to unexpectedly hand back driving control
    7. Safe stop: vehicle executes an appropriate ‘safe stop’ if unable to continue or the driver does not take back control
    8. Emergency intervention: vehicles can avoid or prevent an accident by responding to an emergency
    9. Back-up systems: safeguards step in if any systems fail

    10. Accident data: record and report what systems were in use at the time of an accident

    This clarification will help motor insurers to underwrite vehicles with new driverless technology, as well as helping vehicle manufacturers to understand what their vehicles can and cannot do. But perhaps, most importantly of all, it will help to avoid confusion with car and van drivers over their responsibility behind a wheel that becomes ever more sophisticated.

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