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Vape Manufacturer Insurance

Mar 31, 2022

We have recently become aware that one of the main capacity providers of vape manufacturer insurance has decided to exit the market. And whilst we appreciate that this may be of concern if you are a vape manufacturer, we are here to reassure you that at Anthony Jones we can continue to support you from an insurance perspective.

We have an exclusive insurance facility for vape manufacturers, so are well placed to help you obtain the right insurance for your business.

We’ve blogged a number of times in the past about the importance of having the right insurance in place for your vape business. Whether you are a vape retailer or a vape manufacturer, you are likely to face a unique set of risks in the running of your business and as such will need insurance which meets these needs. Not insurance suited to a general retailer or manufacturer. We explored some of the key areas you should be considering when it comes to vape insurance in one of our blogs which is worth a read. Working with an insurance broker like Anthony Jones can also help give you the peace of mind that you have the right cover in place.

Chat to our team of vape insurance experts today on 0208 290 9080 or email us at ecig@anthonyjones.com.

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