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Why is Range Rover Insurance So Expensive?

Jun 22, 2023

Are you struggling to insure your Range Rover?

Many Range Rover drivers have seen a huge rise in the cost of their car insurance premiums. And in some parts of the country, insurers are outright refusing to cover Range Rovers.

In this post we’ll explore some of the underlying causes for the rise in Range Rover insurance costs and discuss some ways you can get the cover you need at a price you can afford.

Talking to an insurance broker can help you get car insurance cover that reflects your personal circumstances. Brokers can also discuss ways you can manage your risks, which can help bring down the cost of cover. For more information, call Kelly Dunk on 0208 290 9099 or email personal@anthonyjones.com.

Why Do Range Rovers Cost So Much to Insure?

There’s a number of reasons Range Rovers can cost so much to insure. They’re expensive cars to start with and feature technology that can drive up the costs of repairs. But they’re also one of the most stolen cars in the UK that they are considered a risk by many insurance companies.

Range Rovers are Expensive Cars

First, it’s important to remember that Range Rovers are expensive cars to begin with, and newer models are full of some of the most advanced technology to ever hit the market. This alone will drive up the cost of insurance.

High tech systems are difficult and costly to repair. So in the event of a claim, insurers will have to pay more to cover their costs. These increased costs will result in correspondingly high insurance premiums.

Targets for Theft

But beyond this, some reports show that the Range Rover was one of the most stolen cars in the UK in 2022. This means that insurers will have handled a lot of claims concerning Range Rover theft over the past year or so. And because Range Rovers are such expensive cars, a high number of claims will have cost insurers a fortune.

To meet these costs, some insurers have significantly increased the price of insuring a Range Rover. One owner reported that, to insure his new Range Rover, his premium had risen by £6,000 to £11,000.

The risks associated with Range Rovers are so severe that some insurers are refusing outright to cover these high value cars, particularly for London residents. Land Rover, too, has discontinued its own insurance arrangement for Range Rovers.

Can I Still Get Cover For My Range Rover?

Some insurers may impose certain requirements before they’ll agree to insure a Range Rover. These might include:

  • CAT 5 trackers, with driver recognition and remote immobilisation options.
  • Ghost immobilisers, for protection against key-cloning and hacking.
  • A secure garage to store your vehicle in overnight.

The requirement for a garage may seem excessive, but it’s there for a reason. When thieves target high value cars such as Range Rovers, they’re more interested in its constituent parts than they are in the car itself. You could park your car on a well-lit street and secure it in place with a steering wheel lock, for example. But thieves may still target it for catalytic converter theft, for example. Locking the car in a garage overnight may be the only reliable protection against certain forms of theft.

How Anthony Jones Can Help You Get Cover For Your Range Rover

This is a challenging time for Range Rover drivers. The insurance situation only makes things more challenging. And it’s at times like this that the expertise of an experienced insurance broker can make a huge difference.

Talk to us and we’ll work together to get you car insurance cover that reflects your personal circumstances. We can advise on the requirements that insurers may have, and we can help you understand the specific risks you might be facing as a Range Rover owner. For more information, call Kelly on 0208 290 9099 or email personal@anthonyjones.com.


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