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Is Campervan Insurance Cheaper Than Van Insurance?

Mar 23, 2023

If you want to drive your campervan or motorhome on UK roads, then you’ll need adequate insurance cover. A standard van insurance policy won’t cover your needs. So you’ll need a dedicated campervan insurance policy instead.

For an essential introduction, read our post outlining the key differences between van insurance and campervan insurance.

One reason why you should get dedicated cover for your campervan or motorhome is that, were you to get a standard van insurance policy, you could end up paying too much for cover you don’t need.

Is Campervan Insurance Cheaper Than Van Insurance?

Campervan insurance can be cheaper than van insurance. This is because many van insurance policies will cover your van for business use. Most van owners use their vehicle as part of their job. This means that they’ll drive long distances almost every day. The more time any vehicle spends on a road, the more likely it is they’ll be involved in an accident.

Also, when you use a van as part of your job, you’ll likely keep high value goods and tools in your vehicle. This might make it more likely that thieves will target you.

To cover the increased risk of an accident, and the increased risk of theft, insurers tend to charge higher premiums to policyholders who use their van as part of their job.

Here’s Why Campervan Insurance Can Be Cheaper

Put simply, campervan and motorhome owners use their vehicles in a completely different way to van owners.

Insurers are likely to insure campervans for personal or leisure use. You’ll only drive your vehicle a handful of times a year, so the chances of an accident can be much lower than they would be if you drove your campervan every day. Plus, you won’t keep high value goods or expensive tools in your campervan, which may make it less likely that thieves will target your vehicle.

As a result, it can cost less to insure a campervan or a motorhome than it would be insure an ordinary van.

Campervan Insurance is Not Always Cheaper than Van Insurance

However, a few things can push up the price of your campervan insurance:

  • Everyday Use – Some people use their campervans as their everyday vehicle. Rather than reserving them for holidays, they may drive many miles every week in their campervan, even using it for their commute. On any motor insurance policy, the more miles you drive in a year, the more you’ll pay for your cover.
  • Classic Vehicles – Some campervans and motorhomes are classed as classic vehicles. This might make them more attractive to thieves. But it can also mean that, in the event of an accident, repairs will cost a lot more, as it may be difficult to find replacement parts and specialist labour. This will be reflected in the price of your policy.
  • Security – Where do you keep your campervan out of season? If you can keep it safe in a locked garage, you might get a discount on your cover. But if you have to park it on your driveway, or on the street, then the risk of theft can be higher – and so too will be your premiums.
  • Personal Contents – You may not keep high-value goods and expensive tools in your campervan. But you may fill your caravan with pricey items including televisions, microwaves, storage, bicycles, and so on. So there remains the risk of theft, and you may wish to get personal contents cover as a result.
  • Specialist Cover – Campervan owners might want to add extra cover to their policies, including cover for driving overseas (with European breakdown cover), and cover for gas cannisters and heaters. All of this will drive up the price of your policy.

So while campervan insurance can be cheaper than van insurance, this isn’t always the case. Like with all insurance policies, it all depends on your personal circumstances.

Get The Cover You Need at a Price You Can Afford

It’s important that your campervan insurance covers your exact needs. You don’t want to pay extra for cover you don’t need. But at the same time, you don’t want to risk being underinsured.

So talk to us about your campervan insurance needs. Tell us everything about your vehicle, and about how you intend to use it, and we’ll work to find you cover that ticks all your boxes at a price you can afford. Call us on 0208 290 9086 or email us at personal@anthonyjones.com.


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