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Do Taxi Drivers Need Public Liability Insurance?

Feb 27, 2024

Taxi drivers face a lot of risks in their work. While taxi fleet insurance can cover most risks, a separate public liability insurance policy might be necessary to cover drivers for some of the additional risks that come from interacting with members of the public.

In this post we’ll discuss public liability insurance for taxi drivers, so you can decide whether this cover is right for you.

If you have any more questions about taxi insurance, call our dedicated team on 0208 290 9099, or email CM@AnthonyJones.com.

What Does Taxi Fleet Insurance Cover?

Taxi fleet insurance covers taxi drivers and their vehicles for traffic accidents, theft (whether attempted or actual), fire, and other kinds of car damage. Taxi fleet insurance can also provide some cover for any passengers a driver might be transporting when they’re involved in an accident.

However, there are many more risks associated with working with members of the public. And to cover these risks, taxi drivers might need a separate public liability insurance policy in addition to their employer’s taxi fleet insurance.

Why Taxi Drivers Might Need Public Liability Insurance

A taxi driver is responsible for a passenger’s safety from the moment they get into the taxi until they leave it. While taxi fleet insurance can cover third-party liability in the event of traffic accidents, there are some instances where this cover may not be enough:

  • An elderly or infirm passenger asks the driver to help them into the taxi, or out of the taxi, or even to walk them to the door once they reach their destination. In this case, the taxi driver could be liable for the passenger’s safety even though they’re not in the taxi.
  • A passenger might have an allergic reaction to something inside the taxi, such as a cleaning product, an air freshener, a certain type of fabric, or some food.
  • A passenger could accidently leave their valuables in the car. If the driver doesn’t notice, a subsequent passenger could quietly keep these valuables for themselves. The original passenger may then accuse the taxi driver of theft.
  • A passenger could suffer a heart attack, or another serious health condition, while in the cab. In some cases, the driver could be held responsible for this. For example, it could be alleged the passenger became agitated when arguing with the driver, which induced a heart attack.

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

In addition to the cover provided by taxi fleet insurance, public liability insurance can cover personal injury to passengers or other individuals. It can cover damage and loss to any passenger’s personal possessions, and it can also cover a driver’s legal expenses should any passenger ever make a claim against them.

So with a combination of taxi fleet insurance and public liability insurance, taxi drivers can enjoy total peace of mind that they’ll have full protection should anything ever go wrong in their work.

We Can Help You Get The Taxi Insurance You Need

If you need cover for a fleet of taxis, let us do all the legwork for you.

Talk to us and we can find you private hire taxi fleet insurance that suits your needs at a competitive price. We can also provide expert risk management advice to help you safeguard your drivers, your vehicles, and your passengers.

If you have any more questions about taxi insurance, call our dedicated team on 0208 290 9099, or email CM@AnthonyJones.com.


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