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We need to talk about Range Rovers… again!

Jul 19, 2023

We have written recently about the problems owners and potential buyers of Range Rovers are having in arranging affordable insurance. We wrote firstly about what insurers were demanding of owners that was proving very challenging  Getting a Range Rover Insured. Subsequently, we spent time to help buyers understand why insurance was so expensive The why of costs.

Those problems have not gone away – in fact sales are soaring so buyers are not being put off. We see this given the ever-increasing number of enquiries we are dealing with and there is better news – we have very often been up to the challenge.

So where is the market right now? It is tricky… very tricky …but there are some in the market who would argue that the issues with theft are being addressed. That would be Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) actually – CEO Adrian Mardell saying to analysts that thefts of high-end Range Rover models were a concern for the company but claims the firm has solved the issue with the latest models. The issues were with previous Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) in its vehicles and owners of old architecture were being helped by the company to address issues.

There are options out there where the use of an insurance broker is becoming more essential in finding cover. We would say that of course – we are an independent insurance broker and there aren’t too many of those about these days. Not only that, but we are also finding that some younger insurance buyers are not too fully aware of what an insurance broker is and why it is a pretty good idea to use one! It’s simple – our advice is free, and we get paid a commission when and only when we place covers with an insurer. Insurance Brokers

Talk to us and we’ll work together to get car insurance cover that reflects your personal circumstances. We can advise on the requirements that insurers may have, and we can help you understand the specific risks you might be facing as a Range Rover owner. For more information, call Kelly Dunk on 0208 290 9099 or email personal@anthonyjones.com.


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